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This server is an interactive server where you can talk to others and make new friends! We love to welcome new members who come to our server, for info check full description!

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Harvested Server


Want a server with things that you’d surely like? Well you’re in luck, as our server has things like:

What we offer:

►Media We have things like a Art channel, Youtube channel, Social Media pictures for any funny pictures you find and a memes channel!

► Counting We have a counting channel for the entertainment of you guys! Nobody talking in the general chat? Well come down to the counting channel and try and count as high as you can! But abide by the rules and don’t mess it up!

►Fun Actives We have many things like Would You Rather, Question of the day and Cop or Drop! We also have some channels where you can get help, like school work help!

►Memes We have PLENTLY of memes here! Want to post your meme but can’t post it in the General chat, then post it in our memes channel!

►Colour and self roles We have lots of self roles and colour roles for you to acquire you probably know what the colour roles but we have many unique roles!

►Giveaways You can win many roles and prizes! You can win special roles such as the premium roles and some Dankmemer money or other things!

►Friendly owner If you can’t tell, I’m very friendly and I have lots of experience in managing and owning servers!

►Custom bot (Faded Support) We have our own custom bot called Faded Support and it has many capibilities that you can find out by typing !f cmds

► No NSFW content! And finally we have no NSFW content, very kid friendly!