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We're a fun and intresting community group for all!

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The Shape

A new server for memes, friends and more!


Meme designated channel

Discord hosted games!

Friendly place!

Food delivery (Not real though. Supported via Discord Fast Food - Bot!)

Even more stuff!

The Ranks

While your in the group, you may notice there are people at ranks different to you. You could rank up via sending texts and you can apply my DMing Joebob or a World World Leader. Spamming will not allow you to go up and will result in a rank lock-in (Can’t go up ranks.)

Here are the levels:

People - Starting rank - 0 messages

Humans - 2nd Rank - 50 messages

Humans W/ Rights - 3rd Rank - 150 messages

Amazing People - 4th Rank - 250 messages

Humans W/ Health Insurance - 5th Rank - 500 messages

Gingerbread People - 6th Rank - 1000 messages

World Leaders - 7th Rank - 2500 messages

World World Leaders - 8th Rank (Very Important People) - 10000 messages

Literal God - 9th Rank - Impossible to obtain


Please Join! :)