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Making Friends

A SFW server for making friends in. Many bots to play with. A birthday role and announcement if you register your birthday with the bot. 32 username colors to choose from. Many topic channels to choose from.



    Emoji for pepeEmoji for fatcatEmoji for hamster2Emoji for yeetEmoji for sophieEmoji for kannaheartEmoji for sailorvenusEmoji for smiley3Emoji for bottomiteEmoji for palmEmoji for rainbowplsEmoji for snugEmoji for teeheeEmoji for cool2Emoji for groovingEmoji for haroldEmoji for patEmoji for pepeskepticalEmoji for circlingEmoji for doggoEmoji for meowEmoji for dragondanceEmoji for jumpingkirbyEmoji for piggyEmoji for turtle2Emoji for whaatEmoji for 14yearoldgirlEmoji for oofEmoji for babymonkeyEmoji for froggyEmoji for shouyouEmoji for bmoEmoji for aahEmoji for rainbowdinoEmoji for lgbtEmoji for lgbt2Emoji for cattongueEmoji for kawaiibunnyEmoji for clefairyEmoji for blubaEmoji for suzukiEmoji for teddybearEmoji for jumpEmoji for killuaEmoji for pepewagEmoji for haEmoji for one2Emoji for wackEmoji for ragingEmoji for kittyheartEmoji for heyEmoji for ahhhhhEmoji for bigcryEmoji for bongocatEmoji for lmfaoEmoji for angrykittyEmoji for cursedEmoji for thickenchicken2Emoji for bigbraintimeEmoji for thickenchicken4Emoji for wavywavyEmoji for dvipershootEmoji for cutiegunEmoji for thickenchicken3Emoji for kittythumpEmoji for cringeEmoji for ohnoEmoji for triggeredthomasEmoji for pepecrossEmoji for icannotseeEmoji for goblinsipEmoji for nfaceEmoji for nwackEmoji for EscanorPointUpEmoji for rollsquadzoomEmoji for clownpepeEmoji for lmfao2Emoji for omw

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