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Hazbin Hotel: Universal Collision!

This is a Hazbin Hotel RP server, where we encourage creativity and good adventures. We have many channels, and bots to keep yourself entertained and a welcoming community to meet.

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This is a Hazbin Hotel server mainly built around the concept of Hazbin Hotel, and Hazbin Hotel 2P. Hazbin Hotel 2P Is basically Hazbin, but in Heaven, where all the characters have flipped personalites and have a angelic design to them. This server is just starting, with the lore building, and plenty of characters to claim and play as. Not to mention the rich character development that follows after a short while of roleplaying! We have many friendly and open members and we would love for you to come on down, wether you go to Hell, Or Heaven, and join the story. If you’d like, you can even be a character from an Alternate universe, hence the collision! With characters that are limitless, and manyn adventures to be had, there isn’t a reason you shouldn’t be here! We even have special RP events such as the dreaded once a year extermination, and many unique roles to earn! And After all, the more people, the better. We hope to see you soon!