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Welcome to Proto Headquarters!

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Welcome to Proto Headquarters!
『What is Proto Headquarters?』
▹ Proto Headquarters is a furry server dedicated to ensuring every user with fair representation and a platform to meet and make friends with other people who share the same interests as them.

    『What features does this server have to offer?』

▹ A secure environment thanks to our custom gatekeeper/intro bot
▹ Self assignable roles
▹ A fun and easy to use leveling system with added rewards!
▹ Public chats and VCs
▹ Fun custom commands to use in chat
▹ Additional hobby specific channels to share your interests

    『Do I have to be a furry or own a proto character to join?』

▹ Absolutely not! We welcome everyone as long as you’re willing to keep a good attitude and be respectful of other users. Some of our channels and ranks are technologically inspired but you do not have to be either a furry or own a proto character to be a part of our server.