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AFK. .ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı. ♫ Our server is a community based server which focuses on a chill, friendly zone for everyone~ ♪ Understanding, caring staff which listen to everyone~ ♫ Without clutter and any chaos, all channels have unique categories and descriptions, making it easier to understand~ ♪ Custom roles and colors to make yourself unique and interesting~ ♫ Cute, interesting emojis for all to use in the server~ ♪ Boosters have a unique name, giveaways, colours and so much more~ ♫ Not as many rules and regulations as other Discord servers~ ♪ Suggestions never go unheard here, we love everyone's equality~ ♫ Cool, cute, cuddly bots for you to mess with~ ♪ Minimum pings which are customizable~ ♫ Staff applications are currently open, help out a bit <3~ Join and soon be in-love with our chill, loveable atmosphere

Emoji for rainbow_WoahEmoji for hug_AttackEmoji for haruhi_NomEmoji for hey_i_love_YouEmoji for kanna_ping_NomEmoji for much_LoveEmoji for cupid_LoveEmoji for azur_lane_DoorEmoji for 02_UwUEmoji for Angry_ShibaEmoji for Bunny_HeartEmoji for YiKESEmoji for My_Drink2Emoji for Box_Nezuko_GRREmoji for NiceEmoji for Chick_Heart1Emoji for Chick_CryEmoji for GlassesPeekEmoji for TriggeredEmoji for TH0TEmoji for Bear_AttackEmoji for Duck_DeflatedEmoji for Surprised_PikachuEmoji for Flex_TapeEmoji for Senko_Happy_Noise_2Emoji for Dank_JerryEmoji for Shiba_SmugEmoji for Shiba_PureEmoji for bowsetteGASMEmoji for Ree_CattoEmoji for Shiba_ThonkEmoji for Shiba_HeartEmoji for Shiba_SobEmoji for BoredEmoji for Shiba_TickledEmoji for Shiba_AffectionEmoji for Shiba_NervousEmoji for Shiba_DramaEmoji for Shiba_LoveEmoji for Shiba_ShockEmoji for Shiba_CoolEmoji for Satania_LaughEmoji for Phil_PalmEmoji for My_Drink1Emoji for Shiba_LennyEmoji for Shiba_SparkleEmoji for Guy_ThonkEmoji for Epilepsy_PartyEmoji for Chibi_PeekEmoji for Eeh_Anata_Wa_Baka_DesuEmoji for Shiba_WTFEmoji for Dizzy_WorriedEmoji for Penguin_CokeEmoji for Glasses_UWUEmoji for Doge_KekEmoji for Senko_Happy_Noise1Emoji for Nut_ButtonEmoji for Tea_SisEmoji for Tamamo_DancingEmoji for Nezuko_GunEmoji for Nezuko_PeekEmoji for Blob_Gimme2Emoji for Blob_GimmeEmoji for Eh_NaniEmoji for FuRYEmoji for Neko_AngryEmoji for Gab_SquealEmoji for Happy_BlobEmoji for Chick_Heart2Emoji for Saber_SwordEmoji for Take_My_Damn_MoneyEmoji for Jojo_SignEmoji for DespaIrEmoji for Random_GaspEmoji for Excuse_Me_CattpEmoji for Senko_PoutEmoji for JackBlackStopEmoji for Nom_Ping_KannaEmoji for Komi_NyaEmoji for Jotaro_WiggleEmoji for Free_Real_EstateEmoji for Catto_PattoEmoji for HONK_KnifeEmoji for Alibaba_BlushEmoji for Kanna_MoneyEmoji for Tohru_YesEmoji for Locoa_SaluteEmoji for WHEeZEEmoji for Bonk_CatEmoji for Senko_PadoruEmoji for Locoa_EmbarrassedEmoji for Kanna_SipEmoji for KYS_F00lEmoji for ItsMeDI000000Emoji for Belfast_DodgeEmoji for Lady_Sora

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