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AFK. .ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı. ♫ Our server is a community based server which focuses on a chill, friendly zone for everyone~ ♪ Understanding, caring staff which listen to everyone~ ♫ Without clutter and any chaos, all channels have unique categories and descriptions, making it easier to understand~ ♪ Custom roles and colors to make yourself unique and interesting~ ♫ Cute, interesting emojis for all to use in the server~ ♪ Boosters have a unique name, giveaways, colours and so much more~ ♫ Not as many rules and regulations as other Discord servers~ ♪ Suggestions never go unheard here, we love everyone's equality~ ♫ Cool, cute, cuddly bots for you to mess with~ ♪ Minimum pings which are customizable~ ♫ Staff applications are currently open, help out a bit <3~ Join and soon be in-love with our chill, loveable atmosphere



    Emoji for nezuko_ShootEmoji for shiba_AngruEmoji for blob_HeartEmoji for shiba_WorryEmoji for shiba_LennyEmoji for shiba_FUCKEmoji for kitty_HeartEmoji for shiba_HeartEmoji for longcat1Emoji for shiba_SobEmoji for shiba_SmugEmoji for you_WhatEmoji for shiba_ShockEmoji for tanjirou_ShockEmoji for shiba_ThonkEmoji for edward_IrritatedEmoji for vigne_CringeEmoji for whwhatEmoji for longcat2Emoji for longcat3Emoji for shiba_GiggleEmoji for cat_BanEmoji for shiba_smol_SmileEmoji for heheEmoji for sakata_nom_BaguetteEmoji for shiba_OWOEmoji for shiba_DramaEmoji for you_BakaEmoji for shiba_heart_EyesEmoji for gab_blank_StareEmoji for grrr_PingEmoji for awooEmoji for shiba_LoveEmoji for hifumi_KmsEmoji for anguryyyEmoji for mafu_HeartsEmoji for mafu_LoveEmoji for mafu_in_a_CupEmoji for kanna_WutEmoji for mafu_LoveEmoji for ram_KissEmoji for mafu_PlsEmoji for mafu_EvilEmoji for wtf_WhyEmoji for rem_KissEmoji for mafu_NoooEmoji for cirno_HappyEmoji for cirno_OnoEmoji for cirno_WinkEmoji for maine_SmugEmoji for hesta_NoEmoji for rainbow_WoahEmoji for bouncing_Gimme2Emoji for hug_AttackEmoji for saber_SwipeEmoji for gaspEmoji for haruhi_NomEmoji for jotaro_DanceEmoji for komi_NekoEmoji for yalibaba_FlusteredEmoji for kanna_TeaEmoji for i_love_YouEmoji for sorry_BroEmoji for nom_PartyEmoji for blob_HappyEmoji for gab_CircleEmoji for bouncing_Gimme1Emoji for hey_i_love_YouEmoji for neko_KissEmoji for kanna_ping_NomEmoji for cat_BonkEmoji for much_LoveEmoji for cupid_LoveEmoji for azur_lane_DoorEmoji for hands_UpEmoji for fast_AsleepEmoji for large_CookieEmoji for scary_RawrEmoji for lil_PatEmoji for beware_MopEmoji for lewd_BlushEmoji for hah_RichEmoji for bit_TipsyEmoji for kitten_LoveEmoji for cat_CommandoEmoji for drool_DerpEmoji for big_SlurpEmoji for excuse_MeEmoji for midlife_CrisisEmoji for D_Emoji for lil_AnnoyedEmoji for lil_WaveEmoji for big_YawnEmoji for stary_GiggleEmoji for moon_AwooEmoji for stay_HydratedEmoji for stary_LoveEmoji for wanna_GoEmoji for wave_LilEmoji for sad_boii_HoursEmoji for saseg

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