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This is a fun and safe server where you can make friends and learn about the bot and meet new people.

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Have you been looking for a server where you can have fun and meet new people? Have you wanted to find a positive community where toxicity isn’t tolerated and trolls are dealt with swiftly? Well then you should come check out the SBE community! Not only do we build a great bot that you can see in action or even invite to your servers, but we have a growing community of people that you can hang out with and lots of activities and giveaways to participate in.

🔷 What does the SBE community offer? 🔷

🔷 A growing economy with lots of unique commands.

🔷 Lot’s of unique features inspired by people that have worked on large guilds and wanted to make them better.

🔷 Purchasable roles to show off how active you are in the community.

🔷 A unique currency system StratoChips

🔷 Ways to use the currency to get special access roles to hidden channels.

🔷 Active Staff that are focused on making sure the community stays positive.

🔷 Plenty of ways to express yourself and show things you enjoy.

🔷 Simple rules that are easy to read and follow.

🔷 A strong automated verification system to prevent the “bot users” from invading.

🔷 Unique games and entertaining ways to keep things fun.

🔷 Easy to use commands that work well on mobile too.

🔷 … and much more!

Interested? Join our server: here