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Sanguine [18+]

Sanguine is a fantasy based roleplay server, where our story starts when a city is suspended into the heavens.

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The world is loosely based on dungeons and dragons, and hoping to host story, and events soon!

Our rooms are both private and open flow so you can just jump in or look for the roleplay partner perfect for you! We aim to be welcoming, friendly and always willing to assist you in making your character!

Whether your character is here to explore the town, look for adventure or find a partner we would love to have them! We are working with a leveling system where you can have your character gain new skills and abilities based on interaction in the server! Whether you want to eventually become a powerful mage or simply become the best tailor or blacksmith you can be! All are welcome!

We host a range of SFW and NSFW channels for you to explore with both open and private rooms. Whether you want to explore, socialize or even battle! We hope to encourage that in a safe environment! With character creation we’re always excited to hear your ideas and willing to work with you to help them adapt the setting.

A list of what we offer:

💮 A chill, up and coming community. We’re small now but we’re hoping for more additions! 🐭 Friendly staff who are always willing to chat! 🧝‍♀️ Roleplay. Anime, Game & Music chats 🦑 Self Assignable Roles 🎲 A fantasy based RP server with DND elements! 🎁 The choice of SFW and NSFW RP!