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A Friendly bot support and help server, you can advertise also. We offer help with python and JavaScript, we also provide new fun bots at least once a month!

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Dirt Development

– -- – -- – -- –A friendly, open-minded and active bot development server where my team and I showcase our bots. Doubles as a support server

(+) Our very own website 👍

(+) Bot support ⛑

(+) **Place to share ideas and communicate with other developers 🤙 **

[+] More to be added and we listen to your suggestions

[+] 💻 no experience of coding needed

[+] 👏 we can help you make your own discord bot and help with JavaScript or python!

🇳 Nitro Boosted 100+ EMOJIS ▶

– -- – -- – -- – --

Join if you want. It’ll be nice if you do.

Banner: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/622424623337832449/625382204486451211/dirt_banner_2.png

🔗 **Invite — ** https://discord.gg/tRrgKn4