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Introducing Discord OhNo Emotes! This is a huge collection of the well known ohno emoji, with a lot of variation such as letters and symbols, feel free to request one at any time!



Emoji for ohnoCEmoji for ohnoAEmoji for ohnoBEmoji for ohnoDEmoji for ohnoEEmoji for ohnoGEmoji for ohnoFEmoji for ohnoIEmoji for ohnoJEmoji for ohnoLEmoji for ohnoHEmoji for ohnoKEmoji for ohnoMEmoji for ohnoNEmoji for ohnoOEmoji for ohnoQEmoji for ohnoPEmoji for ohnoSEmoji for ohnoREmoji for ohnoTEmoji for ohnoUEmoji for ohnoZEmoji for ohnoXEmoji for ohnoVEmoji for ohnoThisEmoji for ohnoQTEmoji for ohnoHeartEmoji for ohnoEmoji for ohnoReverseEmoji for ohnoWEmoji for ohnoOhYesEmoji for ohnoYEmoji for ohnoEmptyEmoji for ohnoBanEmoji for ohnoNerdEmoji for ohnoNoUEmoji for ohnoWhatEmoji for ohnoEriEmoji for ohnoMemeManEmoji for ohnoPingedEmoji for ohnoOhOkEmoji for ohnoMaybeEmoji for ohnOwO

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Join our server to be able to use a plenty of ohno-themed emojis across all servers as long as you have a Nitro or Nitro Classic subcription! We have letters, symbols and more to come! πŸŽ‰

Do note that the server is currently read-only, so you don’t have to worry about being active 😁