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Do you like Touhou? Do you wanna nerd out with fellow Touhou fans? If so, join Gensokyo Paradise today!

Emoji for Kogasa_SurpriseEmoji for Reimu_headbashEmoji for mari_buriEmoji for Cirno_DanceEmoji for AwoooEmoji for Shikieiki_DanceEmoji for Chen_KyuEmoji for Mokou_WindEmoji for Hina_TwirlingEmoji for Momiji_SmirkEmoji for Fan_MomijiEmoji for eiki_jounceEmoji for RemiliaEmoji for Momiji_SpyEmoji for Mokou_DanceEmoji for Astolfo_TongueEmoji for cirno_twirlEmoji for Momiji_IntenseEmoji for Okuu_CautionEmoji for Nazrin_TurnEmoji for neko_miku_reimuEmoji for Cirno_HuhEmoji for emoji_105Emoji for Torture_Dance_2Emoji for OhohohoEmoji for MeilingEmoji for Mystia_XDEmoji for Tenshi_DanceEmoji for Youmu_BusEmoji for Torture_Dance_1Emoji for Cocoa_feel_goodEmoji for Momiji_StopEmoji for reimu_talkEmoji for baka_spinEmoji for sakuya_closeupEmoji for Pudding_FlanEmoji for Devil_Girl_4Emoji for Mokou_FlyEmoji for Astolfo_DanceEmoji for Flying_MarisaEmoji for Cirno_FallEmoji for nitori_faceEmoji for Sheep_BeepEmoji for Joseph_NaniEmoji for Devil_Girl_7Emoji for Mokou_MadEmoji for Devil_Girl_1Emoji for Astolfo_HappyEmoji for Jotaro_DanceEmoji for Kanna_MagnifyEmoji for Owo_AwooEmoji for Aya_CopyEmoji for Reisen_Youmu_DanceEmoji for Cat_NyaEmoji for Chara_BlepEmoji for Devil_Girl_3Emoji for marisa_buri_hamachiEmoji for Devil_Girl_8Emoji for Devil_Girl_5Emoji for Momiji_HappyEmoji for shilieiki_walfasEmoji for Rumia_DanceEmoji for Odin_SwayEmoji for Cirno_WaveEmoji for Okuu_CakeEmoji for Devil_Girl_6Emoji for Bunny_FlopEmoji for Momiji_AwooEmoji for Kanna_HopEmoji for Odin_DanceEmoji for Bittan_BittanEmoji for Mokou_GroundEmoji for remilia_yayEmoji for Reisen_EarsEmoji for Kanna_RunEmoji for Chara_SnoopyEmoji for Torture_Dance_3Emoji for Nyaa_MariEmoji for FlandreEmoji for Remilia_NaniEmoji for Neko_KissEmoji for Mokou_ThinkingEmoji for shikieiki_1Emoji for OMG_JosephEmoji for Sans_KetchupEmoji for Sans_RelaxEmoji for TsurupettanEmoji for Fairy_RunEmoji for Take_ThisEmoji for marisa_twirlEmoji for Mokou_LaughEmoji for Tenshi_StopEmoji for Delta_DanceEmoji for Devil_Girl_2Emoji for tenshi_swingsEmoji for rumia_shockEmoji for rumia_eat_itEmoji for rumia_poiEmoji for awoo_on_offEmoji for iku_shakinEmoji for aya_fanEmoji for mokou_smirkEmoji for marisa_naniEmoji for youmu_huhEmoji for usagi_earsEmoji for hijiri_yayEmoji for yuyuko_riceEmoji for chen_honk_runEmoji for nue_punchEmoji for cirno_floatEmoji for remilia_walkEmoji for tewi_naniEmoji for patchy_goodjobEmoji for kyoukowaveEmoji for patPatEmoji for ChenChenEmoji for okuu_danceEmoji for DanceKoishiEmoji for ChenHonkRunEmoji for DanceOkuuEmoji for ReisenThumpEmoji for RemiAngeryEmoji for YuYuKoEmoji for YouMuEmoji for WanWanShakeEmoji for NitoriPlsEmoji for OkuuWanEmoji for GyateGyateShakeEmoji for dancedancebakaEmoji for Iku_DiscoEmoji for wowEmoji for yayEmoji for friskEmoji for charaEmoji for ReisenDeroEmoji for sleepy_momijiEmoji for eiki_jojoEmoji for yama_judgingEmoji for YamaLaughEmoji for YamaBlushEmoji for koishi_wavesEmoji for youmu_dunnoEmoji for hijiri_naniEmoji for yuyuko_annoyedEmoji for eiki_sadEmoji for yuyuko_happyEmoji for suwako_happyEmoji for suika_disguiseEmoji for suika_happyEmoji for reisen_sadcryEmoji for keiki_smugEmoji for remilia_defenseEmoji for take_entire_stockEmoji for colors_shrugEmoji for yama_madEmoji for cirno_okEmoji for tenshi_blepEmoji for suika_shrine_danceEmoji for yuyuko_danceEmoji for reisen_danceEmoji for rumia_dance2Emoji for rumia_dance3Emoji for meiling_excitedEmoji for nani_the_fuckEmoji for orin_smileEmoji for koishi_glareEmoji for daiyousei_sadEmoji for smug_mausEmoji for chen_gunEmoji for sakuya_naniEmoji for tewi_worryEmoji for patchouli_peekEmoji for meiling_tantrumEmoji for meiling_okEmoji for chen_kawaiiEmoji for tewi_smirkEmoji for tewi_smugEmoji for flandre_smirkEmoji for KasenPuffyEmoji for koi_sipEmoji for happykoiEmoji for honkhonkEmoji for flandrelelEmoji for RemiFeelsNiceEmoji for remi_pissedEmoji for TewiTeeheeEmoji for hapydayEmoji for kaguya_heheEmoji for reimu_annoyedEmoji for mokou_smugEmoji for ran_naniEmoji for chen_smugEmoji for satori_smugEmoji for koishiluvEmoji for remilia_glareEmoji for flan_thinkEmoji for nitro_boostEmoji for momiji_flipEmoji for teeheeEmoji for nitro

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Welcome To Gensōkyō Paradise!!

Are you a fan of Touhou?

This is the server to join and explore! Opening to the public now 11/05/2019 @ 9:00pm EST using advertisement bots, YouTube, & This advertising Partnership with Chaos!

Chaos Discord & Gensōkyō Paradise are both Sister Type Servers with some similar Moderators / Crew!

We offer: ~ Roles you may choose yourself, some given roles, as well as adding any in the future using your ideas! ~ Clean & Up to date environment with many channels for chat and play! ~ Several Bots Including Dyno Premium, Mee6, Unbelievaboat, Tatsumaki, & Purity! ~ Music Section Dedicated area and channels for using Dyno Premium & Rythm Bots! ~ Voice Communication Channels! ~ Most channels are focused towards Touhou however we also have other sections for any other topics including but not limited to: Undertale, Deltarune, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Anime, Reddit Posts etc… ~ Server Boosted To Level 1 Status! ~ A Full crew of many different level type Staff to help members and the server run… ~ Two Step Security after you join the Server Link in order to unlock the whole Server! This is to deter spam bots by having you enter 2 separate passcodes into 2 separate channels to keep the server and members safe! ~ So much much much more!! Join today to check it out for yourself! Nothing to lose! Not your cup o’ tea? No hard feelings if you decide to leave! Come try and explore for yourself!