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Karate Blobs

Karate Blobs is a blob emoji server that has all the classic blob emojis with a twist, they are karate themed.

Emoji for blobkaratethinkEmoji for blobkaratewoahEmoji for blobkaratecryEmoji for blobkaratewaveEmoji for blobkaratefistbump2Emoji for blobkaratewave2Emoji for blobkaratereeEmoji for blobkaratecuteEmoji for blobkaratefistbumpEmoji for blobkaratesmile2Emoji for blobkarateangryEmoji for blobkaratesmileEmoji for blobkaratethiefEmoji for blobkaratecoolEmoji for blobkaratebanEmoji for blobkaratenitroEmoji for blobkaratecouncilEmoji for blobkaratepinEmoji for blobkaratenoEmoji for blobkarateyesEmoji for blobkaratewaitwhatEmoji for blobkarategoodnightEmoji for ablobkaratewaggleEmoji for blobkaratepingEmoji for blobkarateheartEmoji for blobkaratethisEmoji for ablobkaratethinkeyesEmoji for ablobkaratesweatEmoji for blobkaratelurkEmoji for ablobkaratebanEmoji for blubkaratesmileEmoji for blobkarateservericonEmoji for blobkaratefacepalmEmoji for blobkarateowoEmoji for blobkaratepoliceEmoji for blobkaratebughunterEmoji for blobkaratepolicebanEmoji for blobkarateuwuEmoji for ablobkaratesaluteEmoji for bolbkaratesmileEmoji for ablobkarateeyesEmoji for blobkaratewumpusEmoji for ablobkaratewaveEmoji for blobkaratepartyEmoji for blobkarateshrugEmoji for blobkaratederpyEmoji for blobkarateitsfineEmoji for blobkaratedevilEmoji for ablobkarateservericonEmoji for blobkaratewavecoolEmoji for blobkarateblurpleEmoji for ablobkaratewaveblurple

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Karate Blobs

Karate Blobs is a blob emoji server out of the normal. Instead of just having a couple channels showing the emojis and no general channels, the owner decided to make it into a community server about the blobs. You might think: “What is a karate blob?”, it is simply a classic blob emoji but karate themed. Like this one:


Right now we have 50 emojis (They can all be seen on this site) and we are regularly adding more, we also have our own bots and a network of other servers ready for you to join.

For more info, check out our website