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A server dedicated to Mameshiba! This server is for emoji purposes only, join for immediate access to the emojis. Must have Nitro to use outside the server.

Emoji for lurkEmoji for loveEmoji for sleepEmoji for roseEmoji for hahaEmoji for comfortEmoji for shockEmoji for sickEmoji for ohnoEmoji for deadEmoji for paperdueEmoji for partyEmoji for phoneEmoji for 0o0Emoji for angryEmoji for supportEmoji for dreadEmoji for ideaEmoji for triggeredEmoji for huhEmoji for sparkleEmoji for waveEmoji for clamupEmoji for tantrumEmoji for winkEmoji for ouchEmoji for munchEmoji for omwEmoji for goodeveningEmoji for noEmoji for maracasEmoji for hehhehEmoji for computercryEmoji for okayEmoji for ffuuuEmoji for curseEmoji for wtfEmoji for uwuEmoji for 3_Emoji for ngEmoji for mameoofEmoji for annoyedEmoji for heartEmoji for ramenEmoji for rushEmoji for okaniEmoji for infatuatedEmoji for pingEmoji for gtfoEmoji for sneezeEmoji for sadnessEmoji for thumbsdownEmoji for musicEmoji for nervousEmoji for droolEmoji for seriouslyEmoji for kysEmoji for intensifiesEmoji for moveEmoji for helloEmoji for scaredEmoji for byebyeEmoji for detectiveEmoji for peakingEmoji for flipwhatEmoji for cheerEmoji for lmfaoEmoji for confusedEmoji for ninjaEmoji for owosparkleEmoji for mamethinkEmoji for sleepingEmoji for tableflipEmoji for fatsweatEmoji for patpatEmoji for panicEmoji for tiredEmoji for sweatEmoji for facepalmEmoji for cantunseeEmoji for cryingEmoji for teasipEmoji for djmameEmoji for thumbsupEmoji for diduknowEmoji for cringeEmoji for sombreroEmoji for excitedEmoji for headshakenoEmoji for thankyouEmoji for sorryEmoji for winkaniEmoji for nervouslurkEmoji for nosebleedEmoji for supercursestareEmoji for pervertEmoji for supershockedEmoji for blehEmoji for meltingEmoji for pointdownEmoji for peanutpopperEmoji for argumentEmoji for miniheartsEmoji for furyEmoji for jumpEmoji for yummpEmoji for surprisedEmoji for grumpyEmoji for dohEmoji for lewdEmoji for sideglanceEmoji for sadwaveEmoji for mustacheEmoji for watchyourbackEmoji for exhaustedEmoji for fairyEmoji for popupEmoji for swordswingEmoji for confettiEmoji for superheroEmoji for yattaEmoji for bequietEmoji for owoEmoji for happyjumpEmoji for nodEmoji for senpaiEmoji for teeheeEmoji for obsessedEmoji for writethatdownEmoji for chuEmoji for dakimakuraEmoji for giftgivingEmoji for sleepyEmoji for ruseriousEmoji for agitatedEmoji for wornoutEmoji for lyingdownEmoji for itsfineEmoji for imcryingEmoji for tuckEmoji for listenhereyoulittleshitEmoji for speechlessEmoji for tearsEmoji for ohyeahEmoji for derpEmoji for shyEmoji for gaspEmoji for mamecupcakeEmoji for textingEmoji for gratefulEmoji for saluteEmoji for uncomfortableEmoji for existentialcrisisEmoji for smugshibaEmoji for fullEmoji for bowaniEmoji for donutEmoji for mamepoopEmoji for eastermameEmoji for blushingEmoji for tongueoutEmoji for dartinglookEmoji for toiletpaper

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