A Christian Hentai Discord Server. Very Cool.

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➤Server Rules ➥ No Inappropriate Nicknames/Profile Pictures. ➥ No Arguing About Politics/Races/Religions etc. ➥ No Advertising Of Any Kind Social Media/Business etc. ➥ No Threatening Users (This heavily includes DDOS / DOX threats). ➥ No Releasing Personal Info. ➥ No Arguing/Disrespecting Staff (Will Get You Insta Banned). ➥ No Mentioning Users Without A Reason Stated. ➥ No Illegal Actions Like Providing/Selling Hacked Items/Cheats. ➥ No Bot Commands Outside Bot-Spam Channel. ➥ No Steam Trading Outside Steam Trade Channel. ➥ No Begging/Spamming For Free Stuff. ➥ No Abusing Of Voice Channels (Leaving And Joining Repeatedly). ➥ No Creating More Than 1 Ticket For User. ➥ No Inviting Alt Discord Accounts/Raiding The Server.