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Discord server to talk about tech, programming and hacking, also you can ask for help here and check out some of my work like android apps, cool github projects and web apps, some useful links too 🙂 github: https://github.com/R4yGM website: https://rayan.cf/ (temporary)



    Emoji for dogeEmoji for thebigoneEmoji for dancing_dogEmoji for matrixEmoji for clapEmoji for ico1Emoji for gridEmoji for PanEmoji for KGBEmoji for URSSEmoji for PythonEmoji for nodejsEmoji for csharpEmoji for cppEmoji for typescriptEmoji for dockerEmoji for golangEmoji for javascript1Emoji for mysqlEmoji for reactEmoji for redisEmoji for mongodbEmoji for js2Emoji for css2Emoji for HTML2

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