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Growing friendly Nintendo community for all ages. Nitro boosted server, with many emojis at your disposal. Come make connections, play for fun or competitively!

Emoji for thinkingEmoji for NOEmoji for wut3Emoji for dogeEmoji for evilpatEmoji for dirtypatEmoji for yikesEmoji for stopEmoji for iloveEmoji for whattheEmoji for heheheEmoji for thinkEmoji for shookEmoji for hmEmoji for happypepeEmoji for pepehandsEmoji for byeEmoji for byeEmoji for confusedEmoji for haEmoji for meatEmoji for reverseEmoji for skipEmoji for watEmoji for crazyEmoji for awkwardEmoji for clapEmoji for danceEmoji for mockEmoji for kissEmoji for binoEmoji for dancepepeEmoji for bruhEmoji for wehEmoji for blankeyEmoji for patEmoji for noEmoji for yesEmoji for lookEmoji for phcEmoji for pcryEmoji for ppatEmoji for catdanceEmoji for danceEmoji for ooouEmoji for yayEmoji for cryEmoji for whyEmoji for uwotEmoji for cryEmoji for shyEmoji for wotEmoji for pikaloveEmoji for thinkEmoji for luvEmoji for frogEmoji for tfrogEmoji for legsEmoji for gogogoEmoji for pikaouuEmoji for weatEmoji for oouyeaEmoji for bunsEmoji for grossEmoji for LIKEEmoji for dabEmoji for danceEmoji for popcornEmoji for d_Emoji for clapsEmoji for emwoahEmoji for gagEmoji for heartEmoji for loveEmoji for NOOOOEmoji for pewpewEmoji for waveEmoji for wiggleEmoji for yummyEmoji for finkEmoji for angryEmoji for b_Emoji for barfEmoji for chompyEmoji for cooldogeEmoji for ddeadEmoji for exellentEmoji for happyEmoji for heheEmoji for hyperhugEmoji for peperockyEmoji for popcornEmoji for rusureEmoji for sussEmoji for triggeredEmoji for shyEmoji for oooooowEmoji for thinkEmoji for wtfEmoji for susEmoji for phillEmoji for pepefcryEmoji for owoEmoji for huhEmoji for sleepyEmoji for blushEmoji for rollEmoji for woopEmoji for trumpokEmoji for rageEmoji for browsEmoji for dafuqEmoji for facepalmEmoji for flirtyEmoji for kissEmoji for patEmoji for pingEmoji for sadisticEmoji for smugEmoji for suspiciousEmoji for thumbsupEmoji for whythoEmoji for zoinksEmoji for yaaaughtEmoji for ightimaheadoutEmoji for blahblahEmoji for woahmomentEmoji for gaypensiveEmoji for peakEmoji for madbyeEmoji for triggerEmoji for scaredcryEmoji for FlushedEmoji for pikahappyEmoji for memeEmoji for squishedEmoji for LoveEmoji for peakEmoji for nailEmoji for esgeditEmoji for froggychairfroggychairEmoji for umwemoment

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