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AYB is the official Bot list of Advertise Your Server. With many growth dedicated features as well as a lot of exposure we can help you grow and develop your bot! We offer round the clock support as well as tips and tricks as well as a place to find bots for your server!



    Emoji for pythonEmoji for nodeEmoji for nitroEmoji for celebrateEmoji for huhEmoji for verifiedEmoji for deniedEmoji for nouEmoji for ripEmoji for acceptedEmoji for hiEmoji for swagEmoji for androidEmoji for appleEmoji for marioEmoji for braveryEmoji for balanceEmoji for brillianceEmoji for okayEmoji for ahhEmoji for alertEmoji for oofEmoji for banEmoji for genieEmoji for bobEmoji for hahaEmoji for fadeEmoji for pingEmoji for bullyEmoji for onlineEmoji for idleEmoji for dndEmoji for owoEmoji for offlineEmoji for loadingEmoji for pinsEmoji for docsEmoji for certifiedEmoji for botEmoji for c_sharpEmoji for javaEmoji for jsEmoji for luaEmoji for aybEmoji for thonkEmoji for ayb_moderationEmoji for thisEmoji for thatEmoji for ayb_zoomEmoji for ayb_citywide

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