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Earn points by chatting with us and you could win real prizes. Gamble points and open lootbox for more fun. General, SFW, Hobbies, NSFW and also Health and Mental Health Support.

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Social Degenerates

Earn points by chatting with us and you could win prizes such as discord nitro, paypal, amazon and custom products such as hoodies and tshirts.

Gamble, Daily and Lootbox Systems added for extra fun! Plus loads of giveaways!

Server Sections

✅ Memes

✅ Gaming

✅ General Chats

✅ Health and Support

✅ SFW Areas


✅ Anime

✅ Pokecord

✅ RP

✅ Hobbies

✅ Giveaways & More!

We also have an opt in system where you only see the channels you want!