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Eevee's Mystery Dungeon is a Pokemon-themed social server. Our main goal is to provide a fun, active place for people to hang and make friends and have fun! ^_^

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PikaPatEmoji for BlobNomCookieEmoji for BlobNotLikeEmoji for UnoNoUEmoji for WigglytuffEmoji for EeveeCoolEmoji for EeveePartyEmoji for FeelsBanManEmoji for FletchHuhEmoji for LucFacepalmEmoji for MonkaGIGAEmoji for MonkaOmegaEmoji for PichuPoutEmoji for PichuOwOEmoji for PikaSipEmoji for PikaPizzaEmoji for BlobLULEmoji for SylThinkEmoji for WhyNotEmoji for EeveeConfusedEmoji for EevCryEmoji for EeveeDabEmoji for EevLoveEmoji for EevWowEmoji for EspyAngelEmoji for GlaceSmirkEmoji for LucLoveEmoji for MonkaGIGAGunEmoji for MonkaMegaEmoji for PichuGayEmoji for PichuWowEmoji for PikaFacepalmEmoji for PikaHammerEmoji for PepeLaughEmoji for PikaPoutEmoji for PineGasmEmoji for SquirtleWaveEmoji for SylPatEmoji for BlueLoveEmoji for TrainerOKEmoji for VapSipEmoji for VulThinkEmoji for BlueHappyEmoji for EevGayEmoji for DvaLazyEmoji for EevNomDonutEmoji for EevWOKEEmoji for EevSipTeaEmoji for FlareLoveEmoji for GrovyleNotLikeThisEmoji for JigglyAwwwEmoji for KarisEmoji for PichuKnifeEmoji for PikaOMGEmoji for PikaSmugEmoji for RareCandyEmoji for SleepyLucEmoji for SylKissEmoji for BlueSleepyEmoji for EspyLoveEmoji for EspyNomCookieEmoji for FlareSleepyEmoji for LucBlushEmoji for MonkaPogEmoji for OshaSipEmoji for PikaWOKEEmoji for PanchamLurkEmoji for PichuSipEmoji for RaiShrugEmoji for SquirtleThumbsUpEmoji for SylWowEmoji for TyphWaveEmoji for VapCryEmoji for VapLurkEmoji for FlareSipEmoji for FlareHappyEmoji for PyukuThumbsUpEmoji for GrowlitheThinkEmoji for FiteMeEmoji for TeddiAwwwEmoji for WOTEmoji for BulbaDerpEmoji for CharDerpEmoji for GlaceHappyEmoji for HyperTuffEmoji for SylAngryEmoji for LucWaveEmoji for SylUwUEmoji for SylThink2Emoji for TogepiBlushEmoji for BulbaConfusedEmoji for ZoruaLoveShinyEmoji for VulLoveEmoji for LittenSmugEmoji for SylDabEmoji for SylHappyEmoji for GlaceCoolEmoji for SylBlushEmoji for TorLoveEmoji for LeafThink2Emoji for LittenAngryEmoji for BreDabEmoji for PikaWowEmoji for RollSafeEmoji for PichuLesbianPrideEmoji for PichuTransPrideEmoji for PichuBisexualPrideEmoji for PichuGayPrideEmoji for VapPatEmoji for FurretHappyEmoji for GlaceThinkEmoji for GlaceDerpEmoji for PichuSleepy

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Hi! Eevee’s Mystery Dungeon is a Pokemon-themed server (though it’s perfectly fine if you’re not familiar with Pokemon). We intend to be a chill, fun, safe place where you can chat with people and make new friends.

We’re accepting of all kinds of people - nerdy, weeby, LGBT, shy, you name it - so don’t be afraid to poke your head in and talk!

We’re also doing various server events now - we have anime/movie watches, monthly Showdown tournaments, and monthly Smash Ultimate tournaments! We also have a multitude of channels and clubs for a wide variety of topics, occasional giveaways, amazing emotes, and a dedicated staff who are online most of the day to help keep things nice and orderly!

We’d love to see you here; a lot of wonderful people would love to meet you! <3

(NOTE: If you have trouble joining our server for whatever reason, use our advert at