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We are a community Server based on small youtuber, also a NSFW, Anime, Games and more!

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Neusxanity Discord Chatline is a brand new community, <for now cause its beyond small at the moment> The only reason why it is created is because Neusxanity would like to talk to you guys personally, like why not? Plus this based on small channel on YouTube! But BESIDES talking about Neusxanity small channel this more of a place to socialize and get along. Conversations about stupid shit, you know what it is! But lets give a small examples if you know what I mean?

{What we TOTALLY offer}

Custom Colors, Roles(if voted on)< Plenty of Polls (If we have enough people)< Best Anime Waifus/Husbandos (Polls only)< Open-Partnerships (Hopefully for gods sake! Before that tho PM/DM.)< Events< Fun Bots (Little to many probably going to get rid of some.)< Leveling System< Plenty of Chat channels and Voice Channels< Music, (If you get the permissions, and a Role for it)< NSFW 18+ chat channel (18+ Chat)< Giveaways (Lol I don’t what I’ll GIVEAWAY but whatever I’ll think of it.)< WaifuBot (Yes we have this)< MikiBot (Accounts, Actions, Admin, Anime, Donator, Event messages, Fun, Gambling, Gaming, etc)< Memes and Shitposters< MMOS, Fighting Games, Mobile games Chat Servers like (Skullgirls Closers online, Vindictus, Kritika Online, Elsword, etc)< Argue and debate sections for all you guys<