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Fluxpoint Development is a community focused server for developers, gamers and anime nerds that enjoy doing what we love.

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BannerWe are a community focused server for developers, gamers and anime nerds that enjoy doing what we love.

We provide many Discord services including high-quality bots, windows apps and an api/gallery for other bot developers to use.

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Hi i’m Brandan also known online as Builderb, i love to code projects in C# for everyone to enjoy. I’ve been working with the Discord API for over a year now with many popular projects.


Hi, I’m Aaron Pearson (Also known as Azy), I’m 17 years old that plays too much osu! and makes applications in my spare time. The first time I saw MultiRPC was from an online friend using it, wanting to have the application I asked for the link and downloaded it. I loved it but there was something about it that could be improved, and that thing was the UI! Seeing that the project was Open Source I downloaded the code so I could mess with it later on. After designing the UI and coded it up I showed it to Builder to use it and that’s how the UI came to be.