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Server dedicated to the music genre known as Grime (& related genres). We're a friendly community for British music fans alike to share music, have casual discussions, & have fun!

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🇬🇧 Welcome to /r/Grime! 🇬🇧

We’re a discord server dedicated to the British genre of music known as Grime, pioneered by artists such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal. We’re a friendly community for British music fans alike to share music and have casual discussions, share memes, and otherwise have fun.

We also have many grime producers who share their own music, ask for tips, and have a space to gain criticism.

Though our focus is on grime, we’re all pretty open to discussing other forms of British music. Many of us are also interested in UK rap/hip hop, UK drill, afroswing, UK garage, UK dubstep, etc.

We are affiliated with the grime subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/grime