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Active server with an active staff, hosts many games such as - minecraft, overwatch, league, paladins and much more! Has many good emotes, and consistent rewards.



    Emoji for CBSEmoji for CNEmoji for YREmoji for boiEmoji for angreyEmoji for kgunEmoji for take_the_LEmoji for kwatEmoji for wendyshEmoji for smwendyEmoji for liluEmoji for ruwhatEmoji for swendyEmoji for katEmoji for saltEmoji for 2bthonkEmoji for pepeEmoji for ruplsEmoji for ruyayEmoji for dogesunglassesEmoji for nopingEmoji for shantaeshakeEmoji for ghostgirlEmoji for weissEmoji for thinkropeEmoji for roadrollaEmoji for yayEmoji for joinEmoji for peperunEmoji for bruhEmoji for fitemeEmoji for pingsucksEmoji for blobglareEmoji for foreheadEmoji for friskEmoji for menacingEmoji for PartyTimeEUEmoji for worryfineEmoji for roomanEmoji for lovepepeEmoji for PartyTimeNAEmoji for surprisedpikachuEmoji for okayEmoji for hugEmoji for borryoldEmoji for worryEmoji for blobsweatEmoji for wokeEmoji for bloblushEmoji for animalcrossingEmoji for nishablushEmoji for worrycuteEmoji for yesEmoji for noEmoji for peepochristEmoji for tfEmoji for peepoheartEmoji for peepotoiletEmoji for peepohugEmoji for peepocozyEmoji for peepopatEmoji for peepodogEmoji for peeposadEmoji for peepoknifeEmoji for peepocryEmoji for worrydodgeEmoji for peepowhatEmoji for catgunEmoji for hyperpepeEmoji for blobnoEmoji for catsadEmoji for kmsEmoji for peepoawEmoji for peepowtfEmoji for kirboEmoji for peeposmirkEmoji for frobbawowEmoji for BMO_dancingEmoji for catknifeEmoji for closersEmoji for worryangryEmoji for peepoignoredEmoji for etwmunchEmoji for bebowhatEmoji for catbenEmoji for great_shameEmoji for triggercatEmoji for eevee_dancingEmoji for allwokeEmoji for pepe_trumpEmoji for KirbyPopcornEmoji for spinpaunchEmoji for animeglassesEmoji for jerkinEmoji for meiwaveEmoji for ohohohohohohohohohoEmoji for connorWhyEmoji for frohawkEmoji for carltonEmoji for albedopeekEmoji for ZeroblankEmoji for ZeroshrugEmoji for ZeroheartEmoji for holdupEmoji for urslowEmoji for diamenteEmoji for CryllagerEmoji for squadEmoji for LeagueNAEmoji for thisrEmoji for PaladinsEmoji for thislEmoji for OverwatchEmoji for Destiny2Emoji for LeagueEUEmoji for SmashBrosEmoji for FatecraftEmoji for PokemonShowdownEmoji for BorderlandsEmoji for moon2smugEmoji for hoiiEmoji for birdupEmoji for chillserberEmoji for kannahugEmoji for kannawowEmoji for KannaFuEmoji for KannaFreezeEmoji for evelewdEmoji for KannaSipEmoji for rimurulewdEmoji for rimuruEmoji for bhcoolEmoji for ruwowEmoji for italianthinkEmoji for evepeekEmoji for rucryEmoji for evesad

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